Downton Abbey Season 5
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Downton Abbey Season 5 awakens us after the death of Matthew Crawley. It seems that in Downton Abbey, Mary has been placed in an inconceivable place, an emotional trip that has lead her down a road of depression. Season 5 is about the fight within her has subsided and she has already given up. Violet tries to renew Mary’s spark by talking to her about a simple truth.

Mary has two choice: She gives up or she keeps on living. As we have found out, Mary keeps herself at a distance to other suitors such as Gillingam. We see this wave of emotion sway over the Abbey as Mary is trying to figure out emotionally if she is ready to move on and she is afraid that she might regret her path. Tom thinks he might have gotten away from the issues at hand, but we don’t really know if that is true. Also, if things haven’t gotten any worse, a new heavy cloud has fallen down on Downton Abbey. In the past few episodes, we have witnessed a rape. Anna gets raped outside, to which no one witnesses. Last night’s episode reveals the sharp pain that she is going through whilst everyone around her has no clue. A lot of mixed emotions are flying around as now Anna feels that she is unfit to be with Bates, but ponders what would happen if Mr. Bates were to find out.

We see strong emotions here. It’s the emotions of a battered and very ill woman. She doesn’t allow Mr. Bates around her, not allowing for touch because she feels so disgusted, as if she brought it upon herself. Time will tell with what happens with Anna and if she comes around to finally telling Mr. Bates.

What is Downton Abbey? What is the relevance to the website?

Downton Abbey Season 5 is a dramatic and emotional show that takes place in an idyllic period setting of the early 20th Century, after the sinking of the Titanic. The prominent Crawley Family are the inhabitants of Downton Abbey and is bustling and run by Robert, Earl of Grantham. Alongside, and more influential wife, Cora, and their three daughters, haven’t lived the toughest of lives but will soon come upon emotional and physical battles. In the back view, a cadre of servants that bring a humanistic and real life 99% to the show that people can relate to.

Here at Downton Abbey Season 5, we are not just giving you snippets of information that occurs in each episode, giving you opinions formulated from keen observation, but also bringing up important questions in the show that otherwise might not be asked. Unlike most big name websites, we provide you with questions about morality, psychology, and emotion that otherwise might not be brought up. Each character must accurately portray the right emotion to allow the viewer to pick up on the information they want us to have. Each episode foreshadows little by little things that are to come. It’s important that you watch the camera angles and the little nuances that happen within the show, everything being shown is done for a reason in Downton Abbey.


By Kevin Cravedi



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