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Downton Abbey Season 5
Downton Abbey Season 5 is a television show on PBS that takes place in the turn of the century, England. During the Edwardian era around 1920s, the Crawley family, living in the Abbey are faced with strong life issues including the loss of very close family members.
The drama among the aristocrats in Downton Abbey is palpable. Including in this drama soon follows with the servants and the recent arrival of John Bates, a new valet, with a pronounced limp that would make his unfit to perform his duties. Bates seems to have a very shady past and is linked to Robert. Along with Bates in the servant’s quarters, is an individual behind the scenes that is entangled with the fortunes of the family he serves.
It seems as the confusion consumes everyone in Downton Abbey, a new suitor is upon arrival. Matthew Crawley, the heir presumptive, and his mother Isobel arrive, the emotions become antagonizing. As time passes, it seems that Matthew could become a proper suitor for Mary. Yet, nothing is quite like it seems in the changing landscape and shifting fortunes of Downton Abbey Season 5.


The Walking Dead Season 3

The Walking Dead Season 3

The Walking Dead Season 3 is the 3rd season of AMC television show “The Walking Dead,” and is the reimagination of the comic book series The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard.
The Walking Dead Season 3 continues through the post-apocalyptic era in which the living dead walk the earth.

Michonne – The Walking Dead Season 3

AMC The Walking Dead Season 3 reunites us with the world of the undead minus the major characters Shane and Dale, who died in Season 2. The Walking Dead Season 3 introduces Michonne, a Katana holding female bad ass who has walkers trained as her pets. Another addition to the regular cast is Merle, older brother to the white trash, Daryl. He is more ruthless and racist (White Supremacist) than Daryl, who tends to care much more than he lets on. Merle is a character from the very beginning of the show, who gets chained to a pipe on the top of a building and must use a hack saw to remove his hand and a bunsen burner to cauterize the wound. He has been missing since than. Lastly, all we really know since the release of the clips is that Season 3 will be centered around a prison. You can see a sneak peek of The Walking Dead Season 3 in the episodes page. The Walking Dead Season 3 is back with all new episodes October 14, 2012.

Synopsis of Seasons 1 & 2 – AMC The Walking Dead Season 3

AMC The Walking Dead Season 3 ‘s Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln), the main character, wakes up in a hospital from a coma to find that he had been abandoned. The hospital has been ransacked and over run by Walkers (zombies). The only thing keeping Walkers from him is a rusty chain locking double doors. Rick Grimes, unable to fathom nor comprehend what is happening around him, grabs whatever he can and runs. As he tries to find his wife Lori (played by Sarah Callies) and son Carl (played by Chandler Riggs), he must make tough decisions along the way. He quickly realizes that the CDC (Atlanta, Georgia) should have a safe zone.  If Grimes is going to find his family anywhere, the CDC is the best bet.


The Walking Dead Season 3


The Walking Dead Season 3 ‘s Rick Grimes is quickly reunited with his wife and son in a zone outside the city. Rick is led to a trailer park where a group of individuals that have survived the walking dead season 3 are living. It is here that The Walking Dead Season 3 ‘s Rick is re-united with his family and friend Shane Walsh (played by Jon Bernthal). It is here that Grimes becomes the leader of this group. He tries with all his ability to get the group to the safety zone of the CDC. But only finds the CDC had been under heavy attack and overrun. Later, they locate a CDC employee and scientist that had been working for months to come up with a cure for the disease. He had been unsuccessful. The CDC holds the most dangerous parasites, diseases, and viruses known to man, and is here the employee makes a stand. He places the complex on lock down and Rick must talk him into letting the rest of them live. The group barely survives and escapes with their lives.


The Walking Dead Season 3, Glenn and Daryl rise to the occasion a little later in the show when hunting and manhood come into play. After the near escape from the CDC, the group drives away in a convoy of cars. As the group is raiding cars on Interstate 85, they run into some walkers. As a result, Sophia, a young girl and daughter to Carol Peletier, is seen by two walkers. She runs into the woods trying to escape them. Rick runs in after her and tries to save her, losing her in the process. It is here that Rick’s son, Carl, gets shot in the chest by an individual, who’s sole purpose was hunting for food. He shoots directly through a buck and hits Carl in the chest. Out of panic and sorrow, this guy leads them to Hershel’s (A devout Christian and animal doctor) house to get sutured up. It is here that Carl is near death and the group comes to reside. While they stay at Hershel’s, every one faces psychological tolls that questions there leadership and sanity. The Walking Dead Season 3 ‘s Daryl, white trash redneck, becomes the hunter and Glenn gets fixed with Hershel’s daughter, Maggie. This fixing occurs when getting supplies in town. Glenn and the group come to find out that Hershel not only has a barn, but the barn is used to hold walkers. Hershel keeps these walking dead (family members and friends) in the belief that they can be cured. Over time Shane becomes unstable and willing to do whatever it takes to survive. This instability leads him and a few others to kill every walker in the barn (with some of the group). What they don’t realize is that out from the barn walks a little girl. Rick comes face to face with the walker Sophia. He pulls the trigger to end the little girls existence. Shane becomes even more detached from the group and has been consistently threatening to leave, but is unable to because he needs the group. We later find out that Shane has been turning. He has been unable to turn because he must die before he can. Rick and Shane have been getting more and more aggressive and it comes down to a dual to which Rick wins. Minutes later, Shane turns into a Walker and Carl comes to the rescue to save his fathers life. Later, Carl who is unable to stay in the house, goes into the woods to have a little fun. He falls upon a walker that gets stuck, unable to shoot the walker, he runs off. What he finds out during this process is that the walker gets freed and later on takes the life of the one level headed and sane individual in the group, Dale. It is here that The Walking Dead Season 3 will begin.

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