Season 4 Autumn

Downton Abbey Season 5

At the end of season 3 we are exposed to something really traumatic, especially for Lady Mary. We are exposed to a relapse of emotion thrown upon Lady Mary again. She still is struck raw from the recent passing of her husband Matthew. For those that are just coming together for Downton Abbey, it’s important for you to know that Lady Mary lost her husband Matthew in a car accident as he was driving home after meeting his wife and child in the hospital. His car overturns and goes tumbling killing him.

This isn’t something that easily moves on through. This carries a strong after taste of someone that you deeply care for. The one person you very easily could not live without and so life becomes in many instances, meaningless. The only salvation currently in Lady Mary’s life is her child. Will the child be enough to keep Mary out of death’s grip? Will there be someone who is able to bring her back from her brokenness?

You will find out this Autumn in the next installment of downton abbey!