Downton Abbey – Wine Release

Downton Abbey has become a television phenomena that has sparked such things as Tourist Attractions, spin off parodies, and even clothing lines. So it’s not a long shot or not a shock that Downton Abbey now has a line of wine coming out. A company that goes by the name of “Wine That Rocks” have also produced wine for Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.
They have teamed up with Dulong Grands Vins de Bordeaux to produce a vintage wine from the vines and soil of the same period of 1900s. The types of whites and clarets are the same as those imported by the English aristocrats from France. This family of wine makers have been mastering wines for the past five generations. For the past 130 years, Dulong Grands Vins de Bordeaux have been making the worlds best wines, so this is something the Crawley’s family would be proud to drink in Downton. 
The wines will be distributed as single bottles and and packaged sets to be distributed in the US and Canada just in time for the airing of Season 4.

Paul Giamatti – Downton Abbey Season 4



As some of you might know already, Paul Giamatti might be joining the cast of Downton Abbey. Paul Giamatti has a significant amount of experience working on period dramas. For instance, Paul Giamatti has played the United States of America’s second President, John Adam’s. He is a veteran actor who has won an Emmy for portraying these time period classic individuals. So it’s no surprise that Paul will be joining the cast.
Michael Ausiello reported that not only would he be back for season 4, but like he had spelled out, he would be bringing another family member, Paul Giamatti. The upside of the role he will be playing will not include a wig, which was needed for his role in the HBO miniseries, John Adam’s. He will be a playboy and a maverick, which he is not accustomed to playing.
The most surprising part of the entire thing is that he will be portraying Harold, whom will be another love interest of Mary.

Mary in Season 4


Mary, played by Michelle Dockery, is not a very “colorful” character to play in general. As explained in other posts, Mary will be grieving after the death of her late husband, Matthew, whom we remember died in a car accident. So we expect Mary to have a few storm clouds raining over top of her head.
Come the new season, we also will see a few more men in the mix for Mary’s heart, but that isn’t really in her concern at the moment. So we will see how Mary deals and accept the death of her husband. We will see how she tries to re-assemble herself with society and the family.
I expect in the new season of Downton Abbey, just like how relationships and acquaintances go, the new suitors played by Tom Cullen and Julian Ovenden will be hard on Mary. We should expect some mouthing off and some wrongful comments, but that is expected in any kind of encounter, especially when someone loses a loved one.
Towards the end of the season, we will see Mary come out of her funk. She will become more willing to get to know the other individuals as well has become accepting. What I mean by this, she will start thinking in the lines of a new suitor, in the lines of someone who is a possibility even though she will still keep some sort of a stand.


Julian Fellowes Will Spare O’Brien the Same Grizzly Fate


We have just found out recently that Siobhan Finneran, Downton Abbey actress, who plays the scheming maid, will be leaving the set during the forthcoming fourth season. Apparently, everyone is relieved for some ridiculous reason that the creator, Julian Fellowes, will spare O’Brien’s life when removing her from the script. So from what I read in the first few lines is this individual is not very well liked. It must of been a last minute decision because the writer is making the person out to be a criminal.
I truly love the fact that British television doesn’t care what they give out to the public because hey, apparently they don’t better ratings. But who am I supposed to say seeing this show is a smash hit. Anwyways, Fellowes explains at the Academy of Television arts and Sciences (which the name means…. nothing) that Lady Sybil and Matthew had to be killed off last season because they were family members that couldn’t be explained if they were a full-time cast.
She also made aware the presence of O’Brien. She made the point in telling the press that there was no fear of O’Brien and that he has a healthy role in the show. Nice thing to know, now I am pissed the asshole doesn’t die.
Apparently, co-star Rob James-Collier revealed that his character would be “willing to help recruit a new maid.” Thanks for that tidbit of useless information. Thank God I was given this article to write. The funny this is that Collier would be bringing her in without a reference. This would tell us that somehow she would be manipulated, he would have a stronghold on her. Some kind of secret that she hold would keep her from saying anything with the added effect of him getting away with what he wants.

Dan Steven’s Shed 30 LBS


Since he started playing Matthew Crawley, Dan Steven’s had gained an excruciating 30 pounds for the role. He jokingly stated that it was equal to the British equivalent of 2 to 3 chins. I don’t really understand that joke but it’s English humor and frankly, no one gets English humor unless you are English.
The look he has right now is the look he normally goes for. But when you are playing different roles, one must change himself to fit the character he explains. He currently is promoting a new movie that is supposed to come out soon called, “Summer in February,” which sounds just as dull as Downton Abbey, most likely the movies is a chick flick so men, beware.
Dan Steven’s, now 30, was caught at the premiere with his wife, South African singer of 37, Susie Hariet. Just so everyone knows, they have been married for four years and have two children.

Golden Globe Nomination

Downton Abbey has been nominated for a golden globe. Of course it has. It is one of those chick flick shows. Not only were they able to bag a golden globe, but they were able to bag 4 as the Americans love the British drama television show on ITV. The television series, shot at Highclere castle, Berkshire, is up for best miniseries or movie which is an outrage for all the other amazing shows, but what can one do.
Elizabeth McGovern and Hugh Bonneville have been nominated for the best actress and actor. Saying this, Maggie Smith will be running for best supporting actress for a television miniseries or movie.
Some other shows that will be running alongside Downton Abbey for the golden globe include amazing television series hit, Mad Men, Borgias, and Homeland (Kate Winslet). One of the best shows on television right now that is in the mix is the show, Game of Thrones. Although low budget, the show makes up for it through great action, seemingly unending twists and turns, phenomenal book writing, superb cast, and a captivating storyline that keeps everyone guesing.
The borgias is a phenomenal show taken place in the 16th century and is based on true events. Homeland is another CSI type of show or I should better yet say, CIA show that captivates America and the world with actions in current United States issues.

Spoilers you should know about!

As everyone knows, that bothers to read my posts, Downton Abbey is still a far ways away for any individual that takes this show seriously. Even though I am not a big fan of the show, I can tell you with 100% seriousness, the acting is superb and that alone makes the show worth watching. The problem with me is that I take the storyline to heart, I have a fantastic imagination. Watching a show like this is just not for me. But my reader love this show, thus why I bother to write about it.

It’s important that people get several different perspectives. Anyways, there are several little spoilers that fans would like to know. Who doesn’t like knowing something their friends do not. Frankly, I like to stay on top of the ball.

1. Jack Ross – The funny thing is, this isn’t even a spoiler, this really is common sense and reading the updated article I am getting my sources from makes me giggle because whomever wrote this article, thought this was some deep deets! Anyways, Jack Ross is a new “black” character in an age of racial tension and servitude. So it’s fitting that there will be some major racial tension.

2. Mary’s New Suitor – Tom Cullen, he bails the Crawleys out of money issues and becomes a major influence to Lord Grantham. His name in the show, “Anthony Gillam,” an aristocrat and defined by the writer as a “hottie” with a cut clean accent. The women reading this currently must be gushing. Calm down ladies! I am here.

3. Wow! This show get’s more ridiculous. I feel like this show is one large 1920s bachlorette party. Apparently, there is another fighting for Mary’s heart. He goes by the name of “Julian Ovendon,” played by Charles Blake. This seems to also have a hint of “Twilight” in it. What would be funny is if the two suitors compete so hard that they fall in love with each other and Mary is left to her own devices. That would be a kicker.

4. Mary is emotionally unstable. She will not be able to be “wooed” by these two suitors. We’ll see about that!

5. Bates and Anna Drama… I don’t know this couple, but it looks like they have hit a rough patch. Unless there is cheating and someone dies, I think it’s a colossal waste of sitcom.

6. Branson snogs Nanny – Apparently Branson, played by Allen Leech, and newly widowed is canoodling with a nanny that hasn’t even been casted yet. Is every guy in this show a model? This show seems too farfetched. Not every guy is going to be smashing. All i can say is, “Put on your faces girls… Here comes smee!” If you can tell me that movie reference, I’ll personally fly down or up there and be your friend for a week!

7. January 5, 2014, that is when the new season starts. This should haunt your dreams for a while!

JJ Abrams?

Am I reading this correctly? One of my favorite Directors, JJ Abrams, had the voracity to go to the set of Downton Abbey during the shooting of “Star Trek into the Darkness.” I can’t see my hero actually taking a liking to this show, well I can see him taking a liking, but not a “LIKING.” I believe that JJ Abrams was making an entrance to promote the new movie, the 2nd epic movie of the star trek sagas.

Most people would be heart broken to read that JJ Abrams got to see a sneak peek of the new episodes of Downton Abbey. I mean, he is JJ Abrams. Maybe one of the characters, 40 years later, will become a trekkie. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come. I’m just in shock, that out of all beloved shows, JJ Abrams goes to that set. Although a smart ploy, I lost a lot of respect for him today.