Downton Abbey Season 4 episode 7

So much has occurred since the first episode of downton abbey had set off. It appears that in this episode, Sir Grantham is off to the Yankee mainland in search of Lady Granthams brother. It seems that her brother has gotten himself into a tussle and needs help.

We also are witnessed to a situation before Duke Grantham leaves for his voyage. Mr. Bates is supposed to be on the voyage but doesn’t after Lady Mary finds out of the situation that has occurred to Anna. They implore that Mr. Bates must be left behind to remedy his marital issues.

It seems that Lady Edith is worried over her missing husband. The reasoning for him to be in a certain place, didn’t really make sense as this was being told to Lady Grantham.
Whilst this is going on, Violet Crawley is starting to come down with something. We can see as time moves along, she becomes increasingly unstable. She masks her illness to get her son out of the house. The last thing she wants is for Grantham to stay home because of her sickness when he has much more important things to attend (coming from her perspective). Violet continues to get increasingly sick as she has Bronchitis. Ms. Hughes stays with Violet as she is a trained nurse.

Meanwhile, James is pushed outside the estate and into a pub where he can be closer to class. The truth behind it is due to the fighting between two very horny girls that has lead him to be removed from the estate.

It seems that Lady Rose has found someone in Paris and she is having the most dreamy time of her life. She meets this dreamy chocolate flavored man in a boat under a bridge. There seems to be happiness sprouting from the clutches of the stone street as Lady Mary is starting to have fun once again. She does things that are beneath her and she is starting to enjoy herself. Will Mr. Blake be the one?