Hugh Bonneville: The Monuments Men

So I thought I would write a little about Hugh Bonneville after watching “The Monuments Men” this past weekend. For those of you who haven’t seen the monuments men, it’s a very historical movie that takes place during the 2nd world war. Hitler, an artist through school (kicked out), uses his power and might to steal every piece of art in the European nations for his own personal Museum called, “The Fuhrer Museum.”

A group of men encompassing a few Americans (George Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman, Bill Murray, & Bob Balaban ), a Frenchman (Jean Dujardin), a Briton (Hugh Bonneville), and a German seek out priceless historical artwork. As the war is coming to an end, they know that if this artwork is not recovered before the fall of the Nazi’s, the artwork will be burned by the Reich.

Hugh Bonneville’s character is that of Donald Jeffries, an artwork enthusiast and love of the Bruges Madonna. He is a quirky uplifting character with a troubled past. He is a character trying to make up for his past, one that is a dark spot in his life. Hugh is a master of his craft. Being British does help. People should go out and see this movie.


Season 4 Episode 6

In this weeks episode of Downton Abbey, Mr. Hughes is summoned across the pond to help Uncle Harold. Mr. Bates who is supposedly going with Mr. Bates, is asked by Mary to keep him behind due to some unresolved issues. Anna is kind of relieved that Mary knows about her situation now. She now understand what has been going on.

We see through the last episode and now into this one, the building of a pig pen where they plan to raise pigs. Raising animals is tough work and I think they under estimate the amount of work it takes to actually run one. Mr. Bates is unable to see the value but it becomes a very key scene with Mary and Blake. Blake isn’t the type to be scared to get his hands dirty and the show gets more interesting as they start to have a little fun in the mud. Blake’s respect for Mary increases dramatically as he would never believe her to literally get her hands dirty.

On a side note, the real issue in last night’s episode was that of Rose and Edith. Edith, who is with child goes to London to spot Gregson, Rose tags along to see the Black band member from the party. While Edith is scared to death about the child but is really thinking about getting an abortion, Rose is off on her own little adventure not even caring about Edith. This interracial situation Rose gets herself in doesn’t affect her as much as it would probably become and lynching for him. Rose has the balls to say, “Live in the moment,” telling me she has no clue about social norms nor the ramification that come from what she could possibly do.

Edith doesn’t really get the comfort from her mother about the bad things she thinks about when her mother replies, “It’s not the thoughts that make you bad, it’s acting on them that make you bad,” which is oh so nice to hear (sarcasm of the utmost). After the many thoughts running through Edith’s mind, she decides to change her mind and return with Rose. 

Lord Gillingham makes his presence known and with him is that of Mr. Green. That individual who caused Anna all that pain. A lot of accusing goes around as Green and Mrs. Hughes have a little word. Green being that asshole he is continues to give off that arrogant aroma. It seems though that Lord Gillingham is now in the mix with Mr. Blake and the heat on the stakes has increased for Mary’s heart.