A Movie on the Horizon Lord Julian Fellowes Hints for Downton Abbey Fans?

It seems that upon the loss of UK’s highest watched drama television series after season 6, Julian Fellowes makes a surprising little hint. In a recent interview with Variety, Fellowes apparently stated, “It may be reborn as a movie or a play or a musical or a ballet. Who knows if we’ve seen the last of it? But we do know we’ve seen the last of the television series. This will be the ending.”
This leads many to believe, including myself, that Fellowes could be trying to build an empire like Harry Potter with deals of expanding the life of Downton Abbey. It would be very difficult as fans are very particular, but… What seems to be upsetting to viewers though, or at least to this viewer, is that Fellowes is very willing to explain how the show will end. Although it isn’t written in detail, he explains the overall scope of the ending. While I will not share it with you guys, you can very well find it online. But seeing this is the last season, I would make a serious effort to go into this season blind and just enjoy the remaining series and be content with where the cards fall.
While the creation of a motion picture or film would make a lot of fans happy (giving them there daily dose of drama), without the same plot lines and characters, the movie would not even come close to what it is now. Nor would viewers even buy a movie ticket. The series is what it is because of the plot and the cast. So anything deviating from this norm really leaves something left to be desired. And Lord Julian Fellowes definitely understands this. He definitely has “mixed feelings” about it.
So while viewers and fans are still reeling from the pain of the news heard months ago, there is still something to keep your heads looking up at. Downton Abbey Season 6 finale is set to air sometime in September for the United Kingdom. No real timeline has been set yet, but if we follow the past 5 seasons, we can come to that conclusion. This means the Christmas Special will air in December with the United States air date sometime in January unless some deal is made to air it at the same time.