The Games the Producer of Downton Abbey Plays – Movie Details

Downton Abbey Movie A Serious Discussion

It seems that for the past couple of months Julian Fellowes has been playing quite the game with his Downton Abbey fans. Months back, it surfaced that by the end of the series a possible movie could spring to life. Some of this information might have been forged from ink thirsty writers. Whatever it may have been, it seemed that Julian Fellowes liked it and even hinted to a similar J.K. Rowling type deal.

A week or two ago, the flip started to occur. Articles started coming out that Julian Fellowes just wasn’t sure it would be a success and there were too many logistical obstacles in the way. He has built a cast so ornate and so recognizable that anything remotely diminished could absolutely ruin the integrity of what he built. His reputation was on the line to produce. I believe this really played a big factor. As Fellowes has allowed the thoughts to sit and marinate for some time, it seems a too good of an opportunity to let slide.

With so much anticipation, with so much talk, with so much publicity, it seems like a movie post Downton Abbey Season 6 finale is becoming much more a reality. Producer Naeme explained that the idea of a movie was on the table. It hadn’t been a firm decision but is highly being dialogued. Naeme and others are hesitant because of the appeal of the show itself. Naeme explains that,

“Remember, this is a show I was originally told no one in the U.S. would understand,”

And for the most part, he was correct. But the fact of the matter is, it has caught on in the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada, and many other countries. The real question becomes, is there enough money in the production of the movie to come away with profit by creating, marketing, and advertising for this movie. This is something that will be thought about in the oncoming months as the show is set to air in September for UK. What might help solidify the movie details will be the viewer count post season 6. Naeme states it pretty clearly when he says,

“I think we could have legitimately kept it going a bit longer,” he said. “But you do want to leave people wanting more, not less.”

So if the appeal is still there and not diminishing, there is a real possibility that a movie could come to fruition.

Driehaus Museum in Chicago to Hold Downton Abbey Fashion Exhibit

Months earlier, I explained that there would be a Downton Abbey fashion exhibit. Now as the finale for Downton Abbey Season 6 comes around the corner, more hype builds. The fashion exhibit has been moving through and will make its way through Chicago at the Driehaus Museum. It will showcase 35 award winning costumes, all of which have been produced by London Costume house Cosprop Ltd.
For fans of the television series, this is a pretty big deal. The dresses will be laid out in time periods. The fashion tour will explain the tremendous evolution of fashion during the early 1900s not only explaining the style, but the industrial changes that came at that time. Some of the articles of clothing are fabrics originating from that time period, while others are reproductions re-created from photographs, paintings, and magazines.
The reason why this article is very important is because there is expected to be a tremendous turnout. Visitors are required to purchase their tickets online or by phone. Write this down if you plan to go as tickets will become available Oct. 7 and will allow self-guided admission, an audio tour and exhibition guide.
The museum is located at 40 E. Erie St. and will run from 9 February 2016 through 8 May 2016.