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George Clooney Cast for Downton Abbey Season 5

Hold the presses… Hold the presses… Is George Clooney set to be cast in this seasons Downton Abbey Season 5? I thought that too, but it seems that the Silver slaying fox will not. The writers at wet paint really like to make our hearts beat.

STOP! But don’t leave the page just yet. It’s not all inaccurate. Although Clooney will not be making a special on the television series, he will be within a sketch created by Julian Fellowes. He will be in a wedding sketch along with Hugh Bonneville and Michelle Dockery.

The sketch is going on to raise money for charity and will be played on the Downton grounds. But no one knows if it will take place on season 5 of Downton Abbey. But it starts off in the U.K. on September 21 and airs in the U.S. starting January 4, 2015.

Daisy Lewis Calling Quits – Downton Abbey Starts

Recently, it has come to light that Daisy Lewis, who plays Sarah Bunting on the hit television show Downton Abbey, might call it quits after season 5 as Hollywood looms in the distance. Although she only joined the high profile cast last year, it seems that her acting career is taking hold in America, which might partially be the reason for her possible leave.

Daisy Lewis plays the teacher, Sarah Bunting as previously stated above. She has become widely popular within the show and it would be a great sorrow if she left. She stated to the Daily Telegraph’s madrake column that “she was moving over to America and she was so excited.”

This comes as a shock seeing she just joined the cast and becomes this force for some while becoming a role model for others below her.  Julian Fellowes stated that he was rather amused that it was not the writers or producers that were pulling the plug, but rather the actors themselves pulling it.

So we will see what will come of this!

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