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Series Starts Filming in Oxfordshire

Most of the fans of Downton Abbey like I have been impatiently waiting for the next installment and filming of the next series. Well the cast have been spotted outside Oxfordshire making there new season of Downton Abbey. Pictures have been taken of Michelle Dockery (plays Lady Mary) and Lord Gillingham and Charles Blake.

From many of the pictures placed up in line and the facial expressions made. Reading the body language and the acting on set, it seems to me that the suitor is that of Charles Blake. Slowly Mary is starting to open up, but I don’t think we will see a sharp interest until mid-season.

We are in the down stretched for the 5th season of Downton Abbey and I know you all can barely wait until its arrival. I will take it upon myself to scour the internet and the magazines to find the newest pieces of information for those of you to feast away at.

It also seems that Tom Branson, whom is arguably one of the more favorite characters on the show, whom also lost his wife a couple years ago is starting to make a rebound and might have found a little someone by the name of Sarah Bunting. There are pictures of them during the shoot in which he is showing a little flirtatious behavior. Like a gentlemen, some of the pictures shows his beautiful smile while he removes that hat from his head.

I’m expecting a lot to happen in season 5 so get ready!




Spoilers already are hitting for the new season

It has been floating around the interwebs that Tom Branson, played by Allen Leech, has revealed a couple aspects surrounding the atmosphere of Downton Abbey. When the series returns, viewers will return to the 1923-ish era in which the lifestyle, class civilization in England will change. There will be a struggle to keep what systems they have in place afloat. Reflection about what Downton Abbey and its inhabitants represent will be something of great importance to its viewers come season 5.

As we expect, from the death of Branson’s wife, internal emotional and psychological effects will make there toll on Branson.  With this a certain bromance will be observed.

That being said, the addition of some new characters are in order. Carnival films and MASTERPIECE announced that a few new characters will be introduced to the cast come season 5 on PBS.

Richard E. Grant will be joining the cast as a guest of the Granthams. He will be introduced as Simon Bricker. Anne Chancellor, playing the character Lady Anstruther, and Rade Sherbedgia, playing a Russian refugee will guest role. Lastly, we will have some returning cast members Dame Harriet Walter, as Lady Shackleton, and Peter Egan as Lord Flintshire.

Below is a short clip on Allen Leech and his character Tom Branson. He briefly explains a little behind his evolving character Mr. Branson and what people should expect out of him in series 5.

Hugh Bonneville: The Monuments Men

So I thought I would write a little about Hugh Bonneville after watching “The Monuments Men” this past weekend. For those of you who haven’t seen the monuments men, it’s a very historical movie that takes place during the 2nd world war. Hitler, an artist through school (kicked out), uses his power and might to steal every piece of art in the European nations for his own personal Museum called, “The Fuhrer Museum.”

A group of men encompassing a few Americans (George Clooney, Matt Damon, John Goodman, Bill Murray, & Bob Balaban ), a Frenchman (Jean Dujardin), a Briton (Hugh Bonneville), and a German seek out priceless historical artwork. As the war is coming to an end, they know that if this artwork is not recovered before the fall of the Nazi’s, the artwork will be burned by the Reich.

Hugh Bonneville’s character is that of Donald Jeffries, an artwork enthusiast and love of the Bruges Madonna. He is a quirky uplifting character with a troubled past. He is a character trying to make up for his past, one that is a dark spot in his life. Hugh is a master of his craft. Being British does help. People should go out and see this movie.


Season 4 Episode 6

In this weeks episode of Downton Abbey, Mr. Hughes is summoned across the pond to help Uncle Harold. Mr. Bates who is supposedly going with Mr. Bates, is asked by Mary to keep him behind due to some unresolved issues. Anna is kind of relieved that Mary knows about her situation now. She now understand what has been going on.

We see through the last episode and now into this one, the building of a pig pen where they plan to raise pigs. Raising animals is tough work and I think they under estimate the amount of work it takes to actually run one. Mr. Bates is unable to see the value but it becomes a very key scene with Mary and Blake. Blake isn’t the type to be scared to get his hands dirty and the show gets more interesting as they start to have a little fun in the mud. Blake’s respect for Mary increases dramatically as he would never believe her to literally get her hands dirty.

On a side note, the real issue in last night’s episode was that of Rose and Edith. Edith, who is with child goes to London to spot Gregson, Rose tags along to see the Black band member from the party. While Edith is scared to death about the child but is really thinking about getting an abortion, Rose is off on her own little adventure not even caring about Edith. This interracial situation Rose gets herself in doesn’t affect her as much as it would probably become and lynching for him. Rose has the balls to say, “Live in the moment,” telling me she has no clue about social norms nor the ramification that come from what she could possibly do.

Edith doesn’t really get the comfort from her mother about the bad things she thinks about when her mother replies, “It’s not the thoughts that make you bad, it’s acting on them that make you bad,” which is oh so nice to hear (sarcasm of the utmost). After the many thoughts running through Edith’s mind, she decides to change her mind and return with Rose. 

Lord Gillingham makes his presence known and with him is that of Mr. Green. That individual who caused Anna all that pain. A lot of accusing goes around as Green and Mrs. Hughes have a little word. Green being that asshole he is continues to give off that arrogant aroma. It seems though that Lord Gillingham is now in the mix with Mr. Blake and the heat on the stakes has increased for Mary’s heart. 

Episode 402

It’s been not too long since episode 2 has passed. My email has been receiving a lot of negative feedback as a result of that episode. For those of you who haven’t watched the 2nd episode, Anna is brutally raped. What would be the point of this occurring, the gain? Well outrage over the show would spike the ratings for a little bit, but that couldn’t be the reason as PBS and ITV would certainly know that viewers would cease to watch the show.

I do wonder though, what would happen if the situation was reversed? Instead of Anna getting raped, what if one of the male characters suffered a dramatic rape? You might not think it happens often, but does in the department of corrections quite often and elsewhere. Rape has become a increasing problem in the world. I do believe that Downton Abbey writers didn’t need to put that into the script, but again, the world doesn’t work the way the viewers want it to. If this were the case, shows would become simple, stupid, and predictable.

Where does rock bottom stop? Sometimes someone or a group of people hit what is called, “quicksand.” This term has been used everywhere. Quicksand is used to refer to a downward spiral when something that was going good goes bad. And when you try to fight it or think the worst is over, you get sucked in. You mentally set a course of self-destruction or you fall into a downward spiral to which you are unable to get yourself out.

This season has played in this “quicksand” effect. Where things were going fine, then one massively bad thing occurs (Matthew’s death), and from than on, no one can really pull themselves out of it. Because everyone in the show is so closely net, anything horrible that arises affects everyone.

Life doesn’t go as we want it, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I’m glad everyone is shocked and appalled over the past timeline because it shows me that people never anticipated and they are deeply involved.

Don’t give up on the show. Don’t perpetuate the quicksand!

Episode 1 Review

First of all, downton abbey season 4 premiere in the United States had a record setting 10.2 million viewers. The largest viewership in PBS history and something said about the drama series. This has been all over the internet and for those of you who haven’t heard yet, now you know.

Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 1 has received a lot of flack in the past few days. I haven’t written a review because I wanted to see what emails flowed in. It’s quite important to hear the viewers and I want the readers to see that I read every single piece of mail. It helps inspire the writers, as well as helps recognize flaws or possible mistakes in filmatography, emotion, acting, etcetera!


“It was too dark, people were too conniving, just plain depressing.  I think you are going down with this series.  The writer sure mess up this great one!” ~ Sue


“Last night I watched the first episode of Downton Abbey Season 4 and was sorely disappointed. There was so much drama in it, it was hard to keep track of it all. It seemed more like crazy-making than the acting out of a cohesive storyline.” ~ Kate


“Well, I was all “wound up” last night for Season 4, it was good, but it is lacking some spark !” ~ Jyl


Time has passed since Matthews passing and we enter scene of a family completely disconnected from the issues at hand. Life has to move on and I think people criticizing about Mary’s state of mind at the moment is a little premature. In this episode, we do come to understand that Thomas gets an unpopular nanny removed from the Abbey using his uncanny ways, while Mrs Hughes saves a friend from doing some hard earned work. Nothing really gets too crazy and most of the arguments we have seen come from the acting itself.

Anna and Mr. Bates have seemed to be at the center of the what goes on downstairs in the past episodes. They seemed to be pretty tame, but something in this episode told me something was to come. There love will be tested in this season and this has been noticed throughout the past episode.


Downton Abbey Season 4 episode 7

So much has occurred since the first episode of downton abbey had set off. It appears that in this episode, Sir Grantham is off to the Yankee mainland in search of Lady Granthams brother. It seems that her brother has gotten himself into a tussle and needs help.

We also are witnessed to a situation before Duke Grantham leaves for his voyage. Mr. Bates is supposed to be on the voyage but doesn’t after Lady Mary finds out of the situation that has occurred to Anna. They implore that Mr. Bates must be left behind to remedy his marital issues.

It seems that Lady Edith is worried over her missing husband. The reasoning for him to be in a certain place, didn’t really make sense as this was being told to Lady Grantham.
Whilst this is going on, Violet Crawley is starting to come down with something. We can see as time moves along, she becomes increasingly unstable. She masks her illness to get her son out of the house. The last thing she wants is for Grantham to stay home because of her sickness when he has much more important things to attend (coming from her perspective). Violet continues to get increasingly sick as she has Bronchitis. Ms. Hughes stays with Violet as she is a trained nurse.

Meanwhile, James is pushed outside the estate and into a pub where he can be closer to class. The truth behind it is due to the fighting between two very horny girls that has lead him to be removed from the estate.

It seems that Lady Rose has found someone in Paris and she is having the most dreamy time of her life. She meets this dreamy chocolate flavored man in a boat under a bridge. There seems to be happiness sprouting from the clutches of the stone street as Lady Mary is starting to have fun once again. She does things that are beneath her and she is starting to enjoy herself. Will Mr. Blake be the one?

Season 4 Episode 4 Review

We open up the show sitting around in the kitchen. It’s quite clear that people know that Anna has had some sort of accident and they don’t necessarily believe her. It’s not surprising that people don’t believe her because her body language tells another story. She is quick to make an excuse which is another behavioral tactic to lying, especially about something grave and serious. You can see her hold herself just a little as to give away insecurity. This is done to indicate that she is wavering and that there is something being hidden.

We can see in the panning of the camera that Mary has taken a fancy to Gillingam. It’s indicative of a glance back to the Gillingam in the car that makes us believe that she is finally starting to warm up to him… but time will tell.

We move to a grave site where another important clue can be found. Why is this an important place for the two to meet? What is this place telling us about the two or something about one of them? Something to think about.

In the looming background, the threats of pregnancy has scared Tom. He is mixed and unable to take real responsibility for his actions. On the side, Anna feels soiled in her torment.

A lot of emotion is flying around. Tom, Anna, and Mr. Bates are unable to look at there issues straight in the face. We will continue to see this road being driven on, how far will it go before they are able to look at it straight in the face?

We are now introduced to a new face, Russ. This becomes a very important part in the show as the first black character is introduced. How will he be looked at amongst the others? It’s very clear that he is frowned upon, why this hasn’t made more of a reaction is a shock to me. What will his role be? It seems like he has made some sort of impact.

Towards the end of the episode we come to understand that Sarah is intentionally lying to Tome about the potentiality of having a baby, she is confronted about it and placed in a very particular place. Gillingam pleads with Mary for her love, but the wounds are still too deep and she doesn’t want to let go of Matthew. It seems that as they part, Mary looks off in the distance, something has made her flare. The writers and the cameras make it hard to determine if she regrets the choice and if she will be able to live with it. Something tells me that it’s not over and the by the end of the season, we should find out if they get back together because I feel that she loves him but is just scared to let go of Matthew.

The Earl speaks with Mr. Bates. It seems that he is blaming himself for mistakes that he hasn’t made. I think by the next episode, the true nature of what is going on will come out in full force and he without a doubt will continue to love her.

 Is the issue with Tom resolved? Really?

How will Mary deal with her new found feelings about Gillingam?

What happened to the head cook? Why haven’t they brought her up?

What does the Earl of Grantham give up when speaking with Mr. Bates?

How do you feel Mr. Bates will react to what Anna tells him?