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First Downton Abbey Season 6 Photos Revealed

With the heavy anticipation for the final season and episodes, online marketing and advertising has increased dramatically. With all that is going on with Downton Abbey, it seems that the news has been rather scarce and without action. It seems the television executives are trying to keep a somewhat tight leash on what gets released for the final season of Downton Abbey. Recently, Season 6 photos have been released to the public. The season sets to end in 1925 prior to the stock market crash. Speculation has it that although the show will end there might be a similar show that rises from Downton’s ashes that will deal with this very important time period. No script has been written, but the ideas are perculating.

With that being stated, much can be talked about from these photos. Oddly enough, depending on the intention of how the photos were taken, it is something to note that many of the photos show smiling. In reality, there is no reason to really look into this much more (not a really big issue). But historically, photos ultimately showed very little smiling, it was – ‘a not so common thing.’ One did not want to mess up a very long series of photos. Holding poses for long periods of time was not fun.

Anyways…. looking at the photos, the photos seem to possibly hint towards something… do they? Are they scripted photos? Or are they just random shots? Something for you all to think about!