Dan Steven’s Shed 30 LBS


Since he started playing Matthew Crawley, Dan Steven’s had gained an excruciating 30 pounds for the role. He jokingly stated that it was equal to the British equivalent of 2 to 3 chins. I don’t really understand that joke but it’s English humor and frankly, no one gets English humor unless you are English.
The look he has right now is the look he normally goes for. But when you are playing different roles, one must change himself to fit the character he explains. He currently is promoting a new movie that is supposed to come out soon called, “Summer in February,” which sounds just as dull as Downton Abbey, most likely the movies is a chick flick so men, beware.
Dan Steven’s, now 30, was caught at the premiere with his wife, South African singer of 37, Susie Hariet. Just so everyone knows, they have been married for four years and have two children.

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