Downton Abbey 9.5 Million Viewer Premiere

There is something about this show that gets audiences riled. Last weeks season opener, Downton Abbey Season 4 premiere opened with 9.5 million viewers. This was the largest season opener for downton abbey estimating around 40% of viewership from the time slot between 9:00 – to – 10:30 pm. The reason most likely for this occurrence is because there has been a lot of bootlegging and many people are watching it in the United States because they know where to stream the show.
The sad this is that the estimated views of last weeks episode was twice that of Sunday Night Football. People watching this show must really be asking themselves what is going to happen to Mary and if there is a distant happiness awaiting her. Many articles written have stated how the people writing the articles themselves will be unable to wait until January for the US opener.
What most television shows don’t fully grasp or understand, although television ratings are to be had, streaming shows on their websites is one way to decrease the amount of bootleggers and is another method for revenue. Charge a small $1.00 fee to watch the episode online, taking into account that PBS has advertisement on their site, plus the Downton Abbey gear store they have, the money they can make per episode could be much more than what they are getting right now.
Frankly, they should higher me to work on ad placement, ad location, demographics, ad size, etcetera. I believe the amount of money they throw away from advertisement doesn’t help there cause and most television stations are losing much more money than they aught to be.
When it comes to Downton Abbey, “all is lost in love and war.” People aren’t going to sit around while the new episode airs in another location and be the law abiding person that they should. If someone has a way to watch the show before it airs, to fulfill the thirsts that before was drying their mouths, then it will occur. I just believe that there are better solutions for the party themselves in making money off streaming it online.
Lastly, I will end with my usual rant. I don’t understand how this show receives the amount of views that it does. I partially understand that the acting is quite unique, but the show goes absolutely nowhere… nowhere… NOWHERE. There are too many other shows worth the time and effort and better plots.

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