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Downton Abbey In Session School Course

Since season 4 of Downton Abbey premiered in the UK, merchandise of all sorts have been trafficked around the world. Wine vineyards specific to the time period of the 1920s have been inspired by the show and are sealed with the Downton Abbey logo. So it’s only fitting to report that Downton Abbey is spreading into the classrooms. Camden County College has created a 5 session course reviewing ““Downton Abbey: Life in a Country House,” that tackles such topics as “The Inheritance Problem: Marriage, Women and Property,” “Servants and Solicitors,” and “Technology Intrudes: Lights, Phones and Cars.”
This hasn’t been the first account. At Oakland University, a teacher pitched the idea for a Downton Abbey course after being inspired after the show, which he sat town with his wife to see. They meet in a garage of Meadow Brook Hall, a country-style home built by automotive pioneer John F. Dodge’s ex-wife Matilda Dodge Wilson in 1928 (which is fitting for the 20s-set series) in Rochester Hills.
The class was entailed, “The World of Downton Abbey: Revolution, Rebellion and Re-Creation.”
They even dish out scones and teas. The only way to get the right dose of Downton Abbey at a school should be an exchange program to the UK… Anyways, I digress.

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