Episode 402

It’s been not too long since episode 2 has passed. My email has been receiving a lot of negative feedback as a result of that episode. For those of you who haven’t watched the 2nd episode, Anna is brutally raped. What would be the point of this occurring, the gain? Well outrage over the show would spike the ratings for a little bit, but that couldn’t be the reason as PBS and ITV would certainly know that viewers would cease to watch the show.

I do wonder though, what would happen if the situation was reversed? Instead of Anna getting raped, what if one of the male characters suffered a dramatic rape? You might not think it happens often, but does in the department of corrections quite often and elsewhere. Rape has become a increasing problem in the world. I do believe that Downton Abbey writers didn’t need to put that into the script, but again, the world doesn’t work the way the viewers want it to. If this were the case, shows would become simple, stupid, and predictable.

Where does rock bottom stop? Sometimes someone or a group of people hit what is called, “quicksand.” This term has been used everywhere. Quicksand is used to refer to a downward spiral when something that was going good goes bad. And when you try to fight it or think the worst is over, you get sucked in. You mentally set a course of self-destruction or you fall into a downward spiral to which you are unable to get yourself out.

This season has played in this “quicksand” effect. Where things were going fine, then one massively bad thing occurs (Matthew’s death), and from than on, no one can really pull themselves out of it. Because everyone in the show is so closely net, anything horrible that arises affects everyone.

Life doesn’t go as we want it, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I’m glad everyone is shocked and appalled over the past timeline because it shows me that people never anticipated and they are deeply involved.

Don’t give up on the show. Don’t perpetuate the quicksand!

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