Season 4 Episode 4 Review

We open up the show sitting around in the kitchen. It’s quite clear that people know that Anna has had some sort of accident and they don’t necessarily believe her. It’s not surprising that people don’t believe her because her body language tells another story. She is quick to make an excuse which is another behavioral tactic to lying, especially about something grave and serious. You can see her hold herself just a little as to give away insecurity. This is done to indicate that she is wavering and that there is something being hidden.

We can see in the panning of the camera that Mary has taken a fancy to Gillingam. It’s indicative of a glance back to the Gillingam in the car that makes us believe that she is finally starting to warm up to him… but time will tell.

We move to a grave site where another important clue can be found. Why is this an important place for the two to meet? What is this place telling us about the two or something about one of them? Something to think about.

In the looming background, the threats of pregnancy has scared Tom. He is mixed and unable to take real responsibility for his actions. On the side, Anna feels soiled in her torment.

A lot of emotion is flying around. Tom, Anna, and Mr. Bates are unable to look at there issues straight in the face. We will continue to see this road being driven on, how far will it go before they are able to look at it straight in the face?

We are now introduced to a new face, Russ. This becomes a very important part in the show as the first black character is introduced. How will he be looked at amongst the others? It’s very clear that he is frowned upon, why this hasn’t made more of a reaction is a shock to me. What will his role be? It seems like he has made some sort of impact.

Towards the end of the episode we come to understand that Sarah is intentionally lying to Tome about the potentiality of having a baby, she is confronted about it and placed in a very particular place. Gillingam pleads with Mary for her love, but the wounds are still too deep and she doesn’t want to let go of Matthew. It seems that as they part, Mary looks off in the distance, something has made her flare. The writers and the cameras make it hard to determine if she regrets the choice and if she will be able to live with it. Something tells me that it’s not over and the by the end of the season, we should find out if they get back together because I feel that she loves him but is just scared to let go of Matthew.

The Earl speaks with Mr. Bates. It seems that he is blaming himself for mistakes that he hasn’t made. I think by the next episode, the true nature of what is going on will come out in full force and he without a doubt will continue to love her.

 Is the issue with Tom resolved? Really?

How will Mary deal with her new found feelings about Gillingam?

What happened to the head cook? Why haven’t they brought her up?

What does the Earl of Grantham give up when speaking with Mr. Bates?

How do you feel Mr. Bates will react to what Anna tells him?

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