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Downton Abbey Season 5
Downton Abbey Season 5 is a television show on PBS that takes place in the turn of the century, England. During the Edwardian era around 1920s, the Crawley family, living in the Abbey are faced with strong life issues including the loss of very close family members.
The drama among the aristocrats in Downton Abbey is palpable. Including in this drama soon follows with the servants and the recent arrival of John Bates, a new valet, with a pronounced limp that would make his unfit to perform his duties. Bates seems to have a very shady past and is linked to Robert. Along with Bates in the servant’s quarters, is an individual behind the scenes that is entangled with the fortunes of the family he serves.
It seems as the confusion consumes everyone in Downton Abbey, a new suitor is upon arrival. Matthew Crawley, the heir presumptive, and his mother Isobel arrive, the emotions become antagonizing. As time passes, it seems that Matthew could become a proper suitor for Mary. Yet, nothing is quite like it seems in the changing landscape and shifting fortunes of Downton Abbey Season 5.


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