As everyone knows, that bothers to read my posts. Downton Abbey is still a far ways away for any individual that takes this show seriously. Even though I am not a big fan of the show, I can tell you with 100% seriousness, the acting is superb and that alone makes the show worth watching. The problem with me is that I take the storyline to heart, I have a fantastic imagination. Watching a show like this is just not for me. But my reader love this show, thus why I bother to write about it.

It’s important that people get several different perspectives. Anyways, there are several little spoilers that fans would like to know. Who doesn’t like knowing something their friends do not. Frankly, I like to stay on top of the ball.

1. Jack Ross – The funny thing is, this isn’t even a spoiler, this really is common sense and reading the updated article I am getting my sources from makes me giggle because whomever wrote this article, thought this was some deep deets! Anyways, Jack Ross is a new “black” character in an age of racial tension and servitude. So it’s fitting that there will be some major racial tension.

2. Mary’s New Suitor – Tom Cullen, he bails the Crawleys out of money issues and becomes a major influence to Lord Grantham. His name in the show, “Anthony Gillam,” an aristocrat and defined by the writer as a “hottie” with a cut clean accent. The women reading this currently must be gushing. Calm down ladies! I am here.

3. Wow! This show get’s more ridiculous. I feel like this show is one large 1920s bachlorette party. Apparently, there is another fighting for Mary’s heart. He goes by the name of “Julian Ovendon,” played by Charles Blake. This seems to also have a hint of “Twilight” in it. What would be funny is if the two suitors compete so hard that they fall in love with each other and Mary is left to her own devices. That would be a kicker.

4. Mary is emotionally unstable. She will not be able to be “wooed” by these two suitors. We’ll see about that!

5. Bates and Anna Drama… I don’t know this couple, but it looks like they have hit a rough patch. Unless there is cheating and someone dies, I think it’s a colossal waste of sitcom.

6. Branson snogs Nanny – Apparently Branson, played by Allen Leech, and newly widowed is canoodling with a nanny that hasn’t even been casted yet. Is every guy in this show a model? This show seems too farfetched. Not every guy is going to be smashing. All i can say is, “Put on your faces girls… Here comes smee!” If you can tell me that movie reference, I’ll personally fly down or up there and be your friend for a week!

7. January 5, 2014, that is when the new season starts. This should haunt your dreams for a while!

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