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Driehaus Museum in Chicago to Hold Downton Abbey Fashion Exhibit

Months earlier, I explained that there would be a Downton Abbey fashion exhibit. Now as the finale for Downton Abbey Season 6 comes around the corner, more hype builds. The fashion exhibit has been moving through and will make its way through Chicago at the Driehaus Museum. It will showcase 35 award winning costumes, all of which have been produced by London Costume house Cosprop Ltd.
For fans of the television series, this is a pretty big deal. The dresses will be laid out in time periods. The fashion tour will explain the tremendous evolution of fashion during the early 1900s not only explaining the style, but the industrial changes that came at that time. Some of the articles of clothing are fabrics originating from that time period, while others are reproductions re-created from photographs, paintings, and magazines.
The reason why this article is very important is because there is expected to be a tremendous turnout. Visitors are required to purchase their tickets online or by phone. Write this down if you plan to go as tickets will become available Oct. 7 and will allow self-guided admission, an audio tour and exhibition guide.
The museum is located at 40 E. Erie St. and will run from 9 February 2016 through 8 May 2016.

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