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The Episodes have moved to the link below.

I know the name is not ideal, but due to reasons, I must place these videos on another website for your viewing pleasure. Please BOOKMARK www.thewalkingdeadseason4.org/downton-abbey-episodes/ where you will be able to catch up on some of your favorite shows such as Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, Homeland, Masters of Sex, and others. For now, the website is still under maintenance and will be updated soon. But for now enjoy the episodes below.


Due to certain things, I am unable to share the link or actually link you to the shows. So I will tell you that this is where you can redirect yourself to the link above to watch the appropriate episode. Please come back and share you views and what you believe the foreshadowing will tell us!

With all that has been going on on the manor of Downton Abbey, I bet you can’t wait to find out what will happen. So don’t wait, you can find the link above will take you to a place to view your favorite show. After Anna’s rape, people are filled with regret, hatred, and despair. A lot of anger lingers on after what happened. Things can’t always go the viewers way and things happen that people don’t want to happen. But if we all got what we wanted, there is a good chance every show would become predictable. Try to enjoy the show and continue to support the PBS. (176871)

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