Golden Globe Nomination

Downton Abbey has been nominated for a golden globe. Of course it has. It is one of those chick flick shows. Not only were they able to bag a golden globe, but they were able to bag 4 as the Americans love the British drama television show on ITV. The television series, shot at Highclere castle, Berkshire, is up for best miniseries or movie which is an outrage for all the other amazing shows, but what can one do.
Elizabeth McGovern and Hugh Bonneville have been nominated for the best actress and actor. Saying this, Maggie Smith will be running for best supporting actress for a television miniseries or movie.
Some other shows that will be running alongside Downton Abbey for the golden globe include amazing television series hit, Mad Men, Borgias, and Homeland (Kate Winslet). One of the best shows on television right now that is in the mix is the show, Game of Thrones. Although low budget, the show makes up for it through great action, seemingly unending twists and turns, phenomenal book writing, superb cast, and a captivating storyline that keeps everyone guesing.
The borgias is a phenomenal show taken place in the 16th century and is based on true events. Homeland is another CSI type of show or I should better yet say, CIA show that captivates America and the world with actions in current United States issues.

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