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Hearts Drop As Expectations of Downton Abbey Season 6 Finale Might Not Be Met

Since the rumor surfaced and then confirmed that Downton Abbey would have its last curtain calling for Season 6, hearts have dropped and the paranoia and depression set in. Just as passionate followers of the hit drama series were coming to a rest more rumors started to surface. Ever since the shooting of the finale of season 6, viewers and loyal supporters have been trying to gain any sort of gossip and information over what should occur in the final series.

Rumors are starting to surface that some of the characters wont necessarily have a nice sending off. Many are saying that Mary might not get the happy ending she so thought. She has played so hard with the two suitors that it might be that both of them just up and leave. The likelihood of that happening is slim but minds must be kept open.


Additionally, Thomas Burrows name seems to keep resurfacing. We all know his to have come clean over his sexuality and some speculate that he might have a demise. No clues from the actual shoots have arisen yet nor confirmations. We look forward to seeing if the writers give us followers the cravings we need.

In recent news, like many have been speculating over the ending of the show, the cast have been trying to retain keepsakes over props on the set. The producers have made it some sort of agenda to make sure that cast will be unable to obtain or keep these momentos. We wouldn’t be surprised if certain people want to keep them for there extreme price value. In general, there isn’t a good reason for why there has been s restriction placed on these props, but I feel the cast will find a way to sneak out some things.

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