Julian Fellowes Will Spare O’Brien the Same Grizzly Fate


We have just found out recently that Siobhan Finneran, Downton Abbey actress, who plays the scheming maid, will be leaving the set during the forthcoming fourth season. Apparently, everyone is relieved for some ridiculous reason that the creator, Julian Fellowes, will spare O’Brien’s life when removing her from the script. So from what I read in the first few lines is this individual is not very well liked. It must of been a last minute decision because the writer is making the person out to be a criminal.
I truly love the fact that British television doesn’t care what they give out to the public because hey, apparently they don’t better ratings. But who am I supposed to say seeing this show is a smash hit. Anwyways, Fellowes explains at the Academy of Television arts and Sciences (which the name means…. nothing) that Lady Sybil and Matthew had to be killed off last season because they were family members that couldn’t be explained if they were a full-time cast.
She also made aware the presence of O’Brien. She made the point in telling the press that there was no fear of O’Brien and that he has a healthy role in the show. Nice thing to know, now I am pissed the asshole doesn’t die.
Apparently, co-star Rob James-Collier revealed that his character would be “willing to help recruit a new maid.” Thanks for that tidbit of useless information. Thank God I was given this article to write. The funny this is that Collier would be bringing her in without a reference. This would tell us that somehow she would be manipulated, he would have a stronghold on her. Some kind of secret that she hold would keep her from saying anything with the added effect of him getting away with what he wants.

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