Mary in Season 4


Mary, played by Michelle Dockery, is not a very “colorful” character to play in general. As explained in other posts, Mary will be grieving after the death of her late husband, Matthew, whom we remember died in a car accident. So we expect Mary to have a few storm clouds raining over top of her head.
Come the new season, we also will see a few more men in the mix for Mary’s heart, but that isn’t really in her concern at the moment. So we will see how Mary deals and accept the death of her husband. We will see how she tries to re-assemble herself with society and the family.
I expect in the new season of Downton Abbey, just like how relationships and acquaintances go, the new suitors played by Tom Cullen and Julian Ovenden will be hard on Mary. We should expect some mouthing off and some wrongful comments, but that is expected in any kind of encounter, especially when someone loses a loved one.
Towards the end of the season, we will see Mary come out of her funk. She will become more willing to get to know the other individuals as well has become accepting. What I mean by this, she will start thinking in the lines of a new suitor, in the lines of someone who is a possibility even though she will still keep some sort of a stand.


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