P Diddy – Downton Abbey? (Funny or Die)

As we know without a doubt, Downton Abbey is most certainly the whitest show on television. This is no shock as it takes place in the Edwardian Era of Britain. Over hearing that a black man would be cast for the next installment of Downton Abbey, P Diddy, whom had been circulated to be that Black Man (which is completely false), took it upon himself to create a “Funny or Die” spoof of Downton Abbey with the new black owner of Downton Abbey, Mr. Wilcott. It has suspense and crazy drama that by my standards, is a breath of fresh air.
It is very important that you listen to Mr. Wilcott as he destroys the very nature and pronunciation of Downton Abbey, which is like music to my ears. If P Diddy actually was on the show, I would watch it!



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