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Fanbase Period Drama Continues To Grow – PBS Downton Abbey Emmy

PBS Downton Abbey has been a steady grower of fans for the past 4 seasons. That being said, the show has struggled to regain form since the killing off of Dan Steven’s (Matthew Crawley) in season 2. A lot of Downton Abbey supporters that advocate for PBS have recently been struggling with staying current with the show due to the severity of the writing (including Anna’s rape and Matthew’s death). With that stated, the viewership has increased to 8.5 million (up 4%).

It has become quite apparent that the viewers want a “fantasy” show where this kind of brutality and reality doesn’t take place. And the writers are at a standpoint at what they believe should be done with the show. The great thing about the period drama is that unlike its predecessor , “Upstairs, Downstairs,” Downton Abbey has a multi-storyline. If one of the storylines is growing stale, the other storylines can keep the show from dropping off. In “Upstairs, Downstairs,” if the storyline went ill, the entire show suffered.

The show puts on a soapy after taste. It encompasses aspects of normal soaps with elements that aren’t normal soaps. The show is very fast paced, living in a single community, phenomenal cinematic production, and casting of high quality actors and actresses separates the two.


The saving grace of the entire show is the gungho, “Maggie Smith (79),” who plays Violet Crawley the countess. She brings this comedy appeal that levels the period drama. She brings the snobbishness back a tad allowing the onlookers to understand that some of this shouldn’t be taken as serious.

This being said, this show will never be mixed up for “Real Housewives of Yorkshire.” The show brings real substance and it’s not about making the best ratings, rather, the best storyline,