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Michelle Dockery From Downton Abbey – Ice Bucket Challenge

There is a recent video that has just been released with Michelle Dockery doing the ice bucket challenge before the release of downton abbey season 5. Her reaction to the challenge is priceless. The individuals that help her in the challenge is something for women to look forward to. See below.


Downton Abbey Memes – What Is Expected for Season 5?

Part 1 of 3: Downton Abbey Memes

Downton Abbey has had its share of television show giggles and laughter with the creation of images that people find funny. Often, these images will be subjected to mimicry, some of which have nothing to do with the show itself (but are still hilarious in general).
Everyone loves to laugh, it really cleanses the soul. It releases dopaminergic (feel good chemicals in the brain) effects that enables individuals to relax. Come September and January, respectively, new memes are bound to surface. Until then, we wait in anticipation for the show to start…. The day that season starts, many of us will be expressing ourselves through the art of…

downton abbey season 5 memes

dance! Screw dudes… We just want to go out and express ourselves through the art of dance (Dane Cook). And when the first episode goes crazy out of control, we must always remember to…

downton abbey daisy season 5 character
Poor Daisy… Especially when you hear your American friend say the name of the show “Downtown,” instead of “Downton.” Anger builds from within and you try to hide it internally. But you wish you could act out like Mr. Bates…
downton abbey mr. bates downtown
But when that work hour strikes 5’oclock on a Friday afternoon, you know you only have a couple days until…
But when you least expect it and the show lacks a taste of comedy, the good ole Dowager Countess, Violet Crawley, card is dealt creating havoc and violent wreckage…
dowager countess violet crawley
Flawless victory!
Pictures acquired from here. Thanks to Brenna Aubrey.

Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Meets Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is been having one of those intense seasons and season 5 is starting to shape up like it’s going to be fun. The cast and crew have been seen using Alnwick castle (Harry Potter Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) for some important aspect of the television series. It seems plausible that some new Duke and Duchess might be making themselves known next season.

The one thing we all would like to see is Lady Mary, Anna, Mr. Bates and the rest dressed up in Quidditch uniforms out on the lawn playing an old fashioned game of throw the ball through the hole. Somewhere within the crevices of the castle, there is a trapped door that encases all these uniforms.

During the time of the shooting, many parts of the castle are off limits to the already massive visitors to the castle.

George Clooney Wedding


Hold the presses, hold the presses! It seems that if you are a Downton Abbey lover and a George Clooney lover… Then your heart is going to beat out of its chest. It seems that George Clooney has been given a free tour around the Highclere Castle.

For those of you whom haven’t been following the bachelor Clooney around, it seems that he has found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Her name is Amal Almuddin. Amal Almuddin is a london based, British-Lebanese lawyer. Along with her brains, she is an activist and author. She is specializes in criminal and international law, civil rights and extradition.

As you know, George Clooney himself has made waves in his activism, being arrested several times for voicing his concerns in the south Sudan. He started voicing out his concerns and became a real activist back in 2003 when he voiced out on gun control. For someone who is in the spotlight all the time, Clooney shared with us something that is much more intimate than his acting career, that is human rights. No surprise that he wants to marry a beautiful and smart individual who has spent her life to fighting back wrongful doings.