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Hearts Drop As Expectations of Downton Abbey Season 6 Finale Might Not Be Met

Since the rumor surfaced and then confirmed that Downton Abbey would have its last curtain calling for Season 6, hearts have dropped and the paranoia and depression set in. Just as passionate followers of the hit drama series were coming to a rest more rumors started to surface. Ever since the shooting of the finale of season 6, viewers and loyal supporters have been trying to gain any sort of gossip and information over what should occur in the final series.

Rumors are starting to surface that some of the characters wont necessarily have a nice sending off. Many are saying that Mary might not get the happy ending she so thought. She has played so hard with the two suitors that it might be that both of them just up and leave. The likelihood of that happening is slim but minds must be kept open.


Additionally, Thomas Burrows name seems to keep resurfacing. We all know his to have come clean over his sexuality and some speculate that he might have a demise. No clues from the actual shoots have arisen yet nor confirmations. We look forward to seeing if the writers give us followers the cravings we need.

In recent news, like many have been speculating over the ending of the show, the cast have been trying to retain keepsakes over props on the set. The producers have made it some sort of agenda to make sure that cast will be unable to obtain or keep these momentos. We wouldn’t be surprised if certain people want to keep them for there extreme price value. In general, there isn’t a good reason for why there has been s restriction placed on these props, but I feel the cast will find a way to sneak out some things.

Taxpayer Money Used On Downton Abbey Congressman For Hot Photographer

The British hit television series Downton Abbey on PBS has been getting a lot of press recently, mainly because there are lots of jibber jabber of Julian Fellowes leaving the show for another. With that already getting fans blood curdling, to amplify the emotional swing, it’s not helping many when a Congressman in the United States, whom a fan of Downton Abbey, is spending taxpayer funded money towards hot photographers.

With all the snuff about high class aristocracy and the promotion of the show itself, this doesn’t really help the show, it only opens a can of worms about high society and there mistreatment of lower income society. Schock is a Congressman from Illinois, and he has a handsome photographer follow him day and night on taxpayer money.

If this isn’t enough for you, he spends $10,000 on Superbowl tickets, partying with Ariana Grande, and staying at lavish hotels that are named dropped from other high class society. Is this a massive issue, not really because it happens all the time in congress. The massive problem is that it happens all the time in Congress… and nothing is done about it. Now it is clinging on to Downton Abbey and bringing it down. Take a look at this ALS challenge by Schock and just remember, this was most likely done using taxpayer money.




Season 7 Might Just Be In The Works For Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey has been a cultural phenomenon in the United States. More importantly, it has become a cultural phenomenon for women in the United States. As long as Kim Kardashians ratings are on the downfall, I am all for it! Recently, it has come to surface that there was a major chance that Downton Abbey would be finished come season 6 next year. While women still are coming to reel from this, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel.
There has been lots of speculation of Julian Fellowes leaving to the states to start his new upcoming television series, “The Gilded Age.” That being said, it won’t stop women from following their beloved creator and writer so the show already has high hopes. Additionally, although Julian Fellowes stated in an interview that he would be unable to writer two shows, it hasn’t stopped thoughts of the other writers from adding an addition season.

Nothing currently has been written in stone yet and Fellowes might come to shock all his viewers with one last season, season 7. With each additional season added year by year, one can infer that Downton Abbey cannot just be dropped with on season remaining. There are too many unresolved situations occurring at Highclere Castle. That being said, more closely than not, there will be at least one final season and that is season 7!

Julian Fellowes Leaves England and Downton Abbey To Work On “The Gilded Age.”

Downton Abbey has been a towering television drama series from the UK. It’s successes come from an excellent writer and actor/actress relationship bringing the most from what has been given. NBC Entertainment President Robert Greenblatt announced at the Television Critics Association press tour that Julian Fellowes would be headed to New York to start writing the new series, “The Gilded Age.” Early when asked about this he stated that he would only start writing “The Gilded Age” only when Downton Abbey was over. When pressed about the issue, Fellowes stated that the show wasn’t going to go on forever.
Even though it hasn’t been completely determined that Downton Abbey will end after season 6, everything is pointing to that being the case.

Downton Abbey to Write Possible Last Season 6

Fans of the hit British television show series Downton Abbey will be sorely pissed as it has come to our attention that the new television series, “The Gilded Age,” will be at the forefront of Julian Fellowes mind. Seeing that Julian Fellowes writes every single episode, without him to keep up the series, it looks like season 6 will be the very end of Downton Abbey.
Although we have come to respect and admire Downton Abbey, it shouldn’t be a total loss as “The Gilded Age” will follow the typical plot line. The difference between the storyline is that the show will take place in the late nineteenth century that follows the lives of American millionaires. WoooHoooo, another show that admires the rich!
Even though this isn’t a 100% guarantee, it seem like this has become a priority for them and moving “The Gilded Age” forward. It has been looming in the dark for the past two years and I feel that Fellowes is ready to move on.

Downton Abbey Themed Gala For ‘Habitat for Humanity’

Saturday, April 18th, the Habitat for Humanity is putting on a gala now named, “2015 Building Hope Gala: An Evening at Downton Abbey,” to benefit low income homes in Montgomery County for the past 25 years. Habitat for Humanity will also be celebrating their 100th home. The guest seating  is limited to 500 people.

Downton Abbey has become a cultural phenomenon amongst women since its airing. Although what Habitat for Humanity is doing for the people in its area is exceptional to say the least, it’s particularly striking that they have a Gala theme that represents the complete opposite of what they are actually doing. Forty community volunteers sat down to a “proper tea” to discuss how they would accomplish this task.

Past themed gala was “The Wizard of Oz,” but declined to do “The Great Gatsby” because it was to ‘decadent.’ For those that know the Great Gatsby story, it explains the hardship of a love you once had that you may never get back and that money doesn’t buy happiness. Frankly, the suitability between The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey isn’t much far off.

Hopefully, the gala is a success bringing in more volunteers and enough money to continue the phenomenal work they do.

Downton Abbey Superfan Getaway Vacation

Hold the presses, hold the presses! If you haven’t heard about Joanne Froggatts award for being best supporting actress, well you just heard it here. Furthermore and in my own respect and importance, Highclere castle is opening its doors and taking reservations for one of two guest cabins. That is right, now you can stay at the luxurious castle where the television series is filmed. The cost for this excursion per night is $550, a small price to pay to be so close to television royalty.
If you are unable to fly over the pond for this type of trip, there are other trip you can take. Georgia’s Sea Island is rated the top resort destination in the south where they will be placing on a costume party and proper English dinner. The English dinner will be $250 per head and Laura Carmichael (“Lady Edith”) as well as Kevin Doyle (footman “Joseph Molesley”) and Raquel Cassidy (“Phyllis Baxter,” Lady Grantham’s maid) are expected to be in attendance during the weekend.
So if you are looking for some serious Downton Action where the show just isn’t enough, these are two really good offers.

Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 2 Expectations

There is a change among Downton. Witnesses to the change in times and a dawn of a new age that falls on the region. Some may be more optimistic while others are pessimistic. With the changing times comes changes within Downton. As we do recall, Jimmy was found in bed by Lord Grantham with a guest. Although not proper, how will the two clash this episode?
With that being said, we will also confront somewhat Lady Edith and her feelings towards her lover. We know from last episode that Lady Edith found a book that belonged to her lover. Will some speculation come from this?
What is occurring within Downton all at once is something very peculiar and odd. It’s quite shocking how everything could come crashing down at once on so many characters. And although there are lots of secrets within the confines, will they ever see the light and if so, what will be done? We look forward to episode 2 and entire season. Below is a 71 seconds episode 2 video clips.