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Netflix also “grabs hold” onto License


Amazon was the first to catch the renowned television show, Downton Abbey. Amazon has extended its contract with the golden child, PBS in its hit series Downton Abbey. Furthermore, Amazon is the mean older brother. What they want, they get… and they aren’t sharing. Netflix, the largest online video company has made a deal with PBS to “run” the past seasons of Downton Abbey, rather than the ability to stream the new season. They aren’t that lucky, “once the young sibling, always the younger sibling.”
Netflix is changing it’s name sort to speak. Originally, Netflix was a large vault for movie relics. They now understand that the big piece of the pie is streaming online television shows and miniseries. Getting the rights, for instance, to HBO’s Game of Thrones, would be a mega hit, especially as the show gains notoriety and already extended up to a 9th season.
Amazon has scored the blow to this television series and although having the past shows of Downton Abbey is nice, increase in revenue and viewership/membership would be more appealing with sole proprietorship of Downton Abbey. I think we will see more sibling rivalry in the future.


Downton Abbey – Wine Release

Downton Abbey has become a television phenomena that has sparked such things as Tourist Attractions, spin off parodies, and even clothing lines. So it’s not a long shot or not a shock that Downton Abbey now has a line of wine coming out. A company that goes by the name of “Wine That Rocks” have also produced wine for Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.
They have teamed up with Dulong Grands Vins de Bordeaux to produce a vintage wine from the vines and soil of the same period of 1900s. The types of whites and clarets are the same as those imported by the English aristocrats from France. This family of wine makers have been mastering wines for the past five generations. For the past 130 years, Dulong Grands Vins de Bordeaux have been making the worlds best wines, so this is something the Crawley’s family would be proud to drink in Downton. 
The wines will be distributed as single bottles and and packaged sets to be distributed in the US and Canada just in time for the airing of Season 4.

Paul Giamatti – Downton Abbey Season 4



As some of you might know already, Paul Giamatti might be joining the cast of Downton Abbey. Paul Giamatti has a significant amount of experience working on period dramas. For instance, Paul Giamatti has played the United States of America’s second President, John Adam’s. He is a veteran actor who has won an Emmy for portraying these time period classic individuals. So it’s no surprise that Paul will be joining the cast.
Michael Ausiello reported that not only would he be back for season 4, but like he had spelled out, he would be bringing another family member, Paul Giamatti. The upside of the role he will be playing will not include a wig, which was needed for his role in the HBO miniseries, John Adam’s. He will be a playboy and a maverick, which he is not accustomed to playing.
The most surprising part of the entire thing is that he will be portraying Harold, whom will be another love interest of Mary.