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“Missing Characters” Sparks Fan Craze for New Season of Downton Abbey

With the final new episodes set to air for Downton Abbey Season 6 in the UK, what could possibly be worse than revealing an image on twitter than leaves out a character we have all come to love. On 13 August 2015, the official Downton Abbey twitter revealed the new downton abbey picture for the final season 6 series. Fans of the television series quickly came to notice a very particular character missing from the photo. People took to the twitter sphere to share their thoughts.


Another tweeted, “@DowntonAbbey no Lady Rose? :(“

“Where are Tom & Sybbie?!?!??? BOOO,” a third dissatisfied customer tweeted.

Downton Abbey Season 6 picture

Although Allen Leech has already come out stating that he would at least be in one scene, it didn’t stop people from going off on tangential nightmares. Fans now really coming to terms with reality and it is simply something we cannot bare. Stop giving us these heart attacks.

Julian Fellowes Commentary

Originally, Fellowes only expected the television series to last a couple years, he stated in a June Q&A discussion.

“Originally we had thought in terms of five years, and then we thought we just didn’t have enough space to kind of wrap everyone up. So, it seemed a good idea to do one more,” he said.