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Downton Abbey Themed Gala For ‘Habitat for Humanity’

Saturday, April 18th, the Habitat for Humanity is putting on a gala now named, “2015 Building Hope Gala: An Evening at Downton Abbey,” to benefit low income homes in Montgomery County for the past 25 years. Habitat for Humanity will also be celebrating their 100th home. The guest seatingĀ  is limited to 500 people.

Downton Abbey has become a cultural phenomenon amongst women since its airing. Although what Habitat for Humanity is doing for the people in its area is exceptional to say the least, it’s particularly striking that they have a Gala theme that represents the complete opposite of what they are actually doing. Forty community volunteers sat down to a “proper tea” to discuss how they would accomplish this task.

Past themed gala was “The Wizard of Oz,” but declined to do “The Great Gatsby” because it was to ‘decadent.’ For those that know the Great Gatsby story, it explains the hardship of a love you once had that you may never get back and that money doesn’t buy happiness. Frankly, the suitability between The Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey isn’t much far off.

Hopefully, the gala is a success bringing in more volunteers and enough money to continue the phenomenal work they do.