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Paul Giamatti – Downton Abbey Season 4



As some of you might know already, Paul Giamatti might be joining the cast of Downton Abbey. Paul Giamatti has a significant amount of experience working on period dramas. For instance, Paul Giamatti has played the United States of America’s second President, John Adam’s. He is a veteran actor who has won an Emmy for portraying these time period classic individuals. So it’s no surprise that Paul will be joining the cast.
Michael Ausiello reported that not only would he be back for season 4, but like he had spelled out, he would be bringing another family member, Paul Giamatti. The upside of the role he will be playing will not include a wig, which was needed for his role in the HBO miniseries, John Adam’s. He will be a playboy and a maverick, which he is not accustomed to playing.
The most surprising part of the entire thing is that he will be portraying Harold, whom will be another love interest of Mary.