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Downton Abbey’s Doors Stay Open For Gareth Naeme

Every time you have come to grips with reality, that Downton Abbey is coming to an end, another story airs stating the contrary. It seems the saga keeps on going and Gareth Naeme will not let it die. 

For those that do not know who Gareth Naeme is, he plans the scripts and storyline with Julian Fellowes. So he is a major player when dealing with how the story will come to a close.

In a recent interview with Gareth, he made all the usually required statements to the press about how the storyline would come to a close. 

Mr Neame said: “We want to answer all the questions that people are asking: will Edith get a break? Are Bates and Anna going to get any good news? Is Mary, with all the ups and downs that she has had over the past 12 years of the story, going to see light at the end of the tunnel and settle down?

“I don’t know that they are all necessarily going to be OK because, don’t forget, we’ve always said that this show is about the end of a way of life, the end of an era.

But then, he adds:

 “But I can confirm they are not all going to be wiped out by a meteorite. At the end, as we leave them to their own lives, yes, the door will be left open to come back to the majority of them in the future.”

Many of the tv cast didn’t even know how big the television series had become, because for some, it was their first acting job,

“Downton was my first television job. I was so excited and happy to be in the company of the actors I was in I didn’t realise the hype around it,” she said.

“It was around October time of the first series that Hugh Bonneville, who plays Lord Grantham, said to me, ‘Laura they aren’t all like this. Not every single TV job you have will be so big’.

It’s been heartfelt and people are really going to miss such a time savory period drama. But, like Naeme expressed. The door is not closed for some magic to occur, so fans have something to relish in that.

Lastly, this show did more than just touch the lives of people around the world, but also saved Highclere castle itself. The financial state of the estate is not looking so good. So this show has resurrected its health!

Why women love Downton Abbey!

That is right ladies, we shall dive into your intricate brains and the love you have for Downton Abbey. First off, there are several reasons why the love for Downton Abbey Season 4 is so great. Below will examine several of the main points as to what they are.

1) Drama – Women love drama. They love to watch as someone’s life goes horribly wrong so they have something to gossip about. It’s not there fault, it’s a natural behavior that goes back millennium… or the beginning of time. Frankly, a dramatic television show, play, or book must follow one very simple rule. The writer must capture the reader by setting many obstacles in the protagonists way. It’s the only way to keep woman involved.
2) Courtship – Now, the only thing that makes a show this successful, especially to women, is this grand notion of the old times of courtship. Guys, if there is anything you take of reading this… which no guy will take out of, because no guy reads this crap, is the simple fact that women love the idea of courtship and the work guys must do to obtain the right to a girls hand. They are looking for what guys used to be called, “Gentlemen,” which has long since died. Although, every once in a while when the moon is hitting just right, a werewolf (the abnormal gentleman) reveals himself to a lady. Ladies are living in this fantasy world where none of this will happen again.
3)England – I am just setting this down in stone now. All girls secretly want to hook up with English gentlemen. They have this creepy notion that all English men are civilized… “get that shit out of your head, get the brain into reality.” The accent is nice to listen to for about a week before you just want to shoot yourself in the face.
4) Period – This goes back to many things said before. Women love time period dramas. Because women are very focused on romanticism and true love, this period of time in human history is every little girls fantasy. Some believe that if they go overseas, somehow there little fantasy will come true. Everyone wants there dreams to come true, and most ladies understand that for at least an hour each week, they can live out a fantasy.
Maybe one day, as most hipsters start new clothing lines or at least “join them before they get popular,” maybe this fantasy might become reality in the future. Maybe this is the easy way to get the woman of your dreams gentlemen. Just dress up in the appropriate attire and strike a nice conversation using your newly conditioned English gentlemen like voice and win the hearts of the masses!