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What is going on in Anna’s head?

The past episodes have been something to think about. When a television show is about drama, dramatic things happen. As the years pass, we push the boundaries on what is shown on television more and more. Why is this done? Why did the writers at Downton Abbey push the way they did? We see this with revolutionary television shows trying to push boundaries.

Downton Abbey wanted to make a statement. The writers wanted something that would get people talking. The more controversy, the more people are talking, the more thought goes into the importance of the characters and the scenes. Rape is a very important issue around the world. It seems that we hide from it, scared of it. The message that seems to be shown on television is that these things happen, but what we do next that defines us.

Anna as most of us know, was raped two episodes ago outside by Mr. Green. No one saw what had occurred and the next episode showed Anna standing there among everyone else. The importance of this scene is to indicate the pain and anger in Anna and the repercussions she wants for Mr. Green. But also her vulnerability. She feels like she is infected with an incurable disease and that anyone who touches her is prone to the disease. At the moment, her anger has consumed her and thought process isn’t clear.

The writers want to show people after seeing very dramatic, the ways in which someone that has been abused can arise or fall from tough situations. Will Anna prevail, will she empower herself, or will she fall and do something unbelievable?

This is the real question that society should be asking themselves. If we keep it hidden in life, the only way to answer it is in a hypothetical scenario played out in a drama series!

Episode 405 Recap

Downton abbey season 4 episode 5

The television program took a massive leap in showing the rape. There has been a lot of debate about the viewing of it. I think it was a bold move. But what is worse was tonight’s episode 5 as Anna and Green come face to face after what had happened and how it is dealt with. No one really knows what took place the night before so you have these individuals in a room that are repulsed but nothing can be said.

Viewers will see that Anna will never be the same and there will always be this deep anger within her. Her fears of not being good enough for Bates have only amplified. She also pointed out the viewers what would happen if Bates sought out, in a rage, Green and murder him.

Downton Abbey doesn’t usually play out this ambiguous scenes, rather they come to light. It’s only a matter of time before Bates finds out and is able to get his hands on Green. It will be something to watch as Downton Abbey continues throughout the whole season.


What was the purpose to even bringing up a rape scene? What were the writers trying to get at? This website like others doesn’t just give you a story of what happened prior, rather, asks you questions that you should ask yourself as you watch each episode and the importance of what the writers are trying to convey.


British viewers turn on Downton Storyline!


For those of you in the UK that have been following Downton Abbey verses those of you trying to learn more about what is going on with Downton Abbey, it seems that the storyline and the twists that go with it are setting peoples hearts on fire (and not in a good way).

Julian Fellowes, the creator to Downton Abbey has defended his stances in a very heated development. Recently, after Sundays episodes, 60 complaints were received by the network shocked over the apparent rape of Anna May Bates (Joanne Froggatt) on the show.

There was outrage over the thought that something exciting or shock worthy would effect the show that much. What people don’t realize is that real life situations do occur and things don’t work out merry for people. People cannot hide behind a veil in a world where things like this don’t happen.

Although as I have stated on this blog that I am not a watcher of this show. This has intrigued me and set a fire burning within my chest to start watching this show. I don’t care if I piss people off. As a mini psychologist or at least like to call myself one. It’s important to travel down the roads that most people never want to travel. It’s important to learn and experience the emotional feeling about situations that do occur in real life. So I commend the creator in this respect for taking a chance.

People should look at this shoe with respect and the intentions behind “why” the showing of the rape is important. There is nothing good about a rape unless the assailant is stabbed profusely during it and the victim is victorious in getting her revenge. But we can’t hide behind curtains. So I think people, especially the older viewers should look at this as a learning experience.

Why women love Downton Abbey!

That is right ladies, we shall dive into your intricate brains and the love you have for Downton Abbey. First off, there are several reasons why the love for Downton Abbey Season 4 is so great. Below will examine several of the main points as to what they are.

1) Drama – Women love drama. They love to watch as someone’s life goes horribly wrong so they have something to gossip about. It’s not there fault, it’s a natural behavior that goes back millennium… or the beginning of time. Frankly, a dramatic television show, play, or book must follow one very simple rule. The writer must capture the reader by setting many obstacles in the protagonists way. It’s the only way to keep woman involved.
2) Courtship – Now, the only thing that makes a show this successful, especially to women, is this grand notion of the old times of courtship. Guys, if there is anything you take of reading this… which no guy will take out of, because no guy reads this crap, is the simple fact that women love the idea of courtship and the work guys must do to obtain the right to a girls hand. They are looking for what guys used to be called, “Gentlemen,” which has long since died. Although, every once in a while when the moon is hitting just right, a werewolf (the abnormal gentleman) reveals himself to a lady. Ladies are living in this fantasy world where none of this will happen again.
3)England – I am just setting this down in stone now. All girls secretly want to hook up with English gentlemen. They have this creepy notion that all English men are civilized… “get that shit out of your head, get the brain into reality.” The accent is nice to listen to for about a week before you just want to shoot yourself in the face.
4) Period – This goes back to many things said before. Women love time period dramas. Because women are very focused on romanticism and true love, this period of time in human history is every little girls fantasy. Some believe that if they go overseas, somehow there little fantasy will come true. Everyone wants there dreams to come true, and most ladies understand that for at least an hour each week, they can live out a fantasy.
Maybe one day, as most hipsters start new clothing lines or at least “join them before they get popular,” maybe this fantasy might become reality in the future. Maybe this is the easy way to get the woman of your dreams gentlemen. Just dress up in the appropriate attire and strike a nice conversation using your newly conditioned English gentlemen like voice and win the hearts of the masses!

Premiere Date


Downton Abbey Season 4 Premiere Date

The premiere date has officially been revealed. The new season of Downton Abbey Season 4 will premiere September 22, 2013 on ITV. For most of you, and like me, will be unable to see the show. I plan to run the show that will be linked on this website for a 2 day period. But the show will not be running until the day after the episode airs. So come back to this site to watch the new installments before anyone in the U.S. The episodes will fall under “Episodes” page as soon as the first episode is available for us to get.