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Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 2 Expectations

There is a change among Downton. Witnesses to the change in times and a dawn of a new age that falls on the region. Some may be more optimistic while others are pessimistic. With the changing times comes changes within Downton. As we do recall, Jimmy was found in bed by Lord Grantham with a guest. Although not proper, how will the two clash this episode?
With that being said, we will also confront somewhat Lady Edith and her feelings towards her lover. We know from last episode that Lady Edith found a book that belonged to her lover. Will some speculation come from this?
What is occurring within Downton all at once is something very peculiar and odd. It’s quite shocking how everything could come crashing down at once on so many characters. And although there are lots of secrets within the confines, will they ever see the light and if so, what will be done? We look forward to episode 2 and entire season. Below is a 71 seconds episode 2 video clips.


Dowager Countess Violet Crawley – Downton Abbey Trailer Sass

The Dowager Countess, Violet Crawley (played by the none other Maggie Smith) brings her A-game in this 20 second Downton Abbey Season 5 trailer. With all that is being talked and joked about, it seems that Violet has quite the sassy mind. Isobel Crawley takes Violet’s simple comment to an over the top height, making the short clip rather amusing.
In the clip, it’s clear that Isobel is worried about her relationship with a man and violet is trying to explain to her only what a man wants. Let’s just say Isobel went straight towards the gutter.


Funny Or Die – Downton Abbey Joke Video on Slow Pace

Funny Or Die created a spoof video on Downton Abbey to mock the speed of the show. Like most of you know, not much is really covered during an entire season, partially due to the restricted episode list. The comedians at Funny or Die really worked hard taking music from back in the 80s. Their dance choreography was impeccable, especially when so limber and all.
The comedians over emphasize the behaviors and psychological profiles of the characters of the television show. Although very dramatic, it’s so true. Meanwhile, every 20 seconds you see a silhouette of a man spinning in the back round in all back, shirtless. So if the video doesn’t really get you off, you can watch it strictly for that.
Bite that banana!



Michelle Dockery From Downton Abbey – Ice Bucket Challenge

There is a recent video that has just been released with Michelle Dockery doing the ice bucket challenge before the release of downton abbey season 5. Her reaction to the challenge is priceless. The individuals that help her in the challenge is something for women to look forward to. See below.